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The materials research society of Thailand strives to

  1. Facilitating knowledge exchange and building the capacity for people to work together, experience and ideas among members, and the general public to improve their individual proficiency
  2. Promote an active cooperation between member institutions and entities, public and private, both inside and outside the country
  3. Strengthening and links between the various associations involved in the mission, to support the knowledge of materials and research and to foster international collaboration
  4. Support knowledge of the members to improve competitiveness of a country


The Objectives 

The objectives of the Materials Research Association are as follows

  1. Advance materials research by supporting development across all fields of materials science, including materials engineering and innovative materials.
  2. Be a hub for providing technical training and the dissemination of knowledge in materials science, materials engineering and innovation.
  3. Promote an active cooperation between member institutions and entities (public and private), both inside and outside of Thailand.
  4. Respect and glorify scientific researchers, engineers and innovators working in the fields of materials science and innovative materials.
  5. Work in partnership with charities and nonprofit organisations, and facilitate collaborations for public benefit service provision.
  6. Not engage in any political activity